Finding The Best Adjustable Safety Razors

merkur-progress-safety-razoAdjustable safety razors are going to be completely different from the modern up-to-date models.  Today, they are mostly electronic or disposables ones that don’t always offer up the best shave.  For men however, they can find their skin often gets irritated when shaving – especially if they have sensitive skin.

However sensitive the skin can get, skin gets more irritated by the type of razor used on their skin.  This is why more men are looking for adjustable safety razors and finding the best adjustable safety razors are important.  Whether a man has sensitive skin or just irritated skin, they need to find the right safety razors for them personally.

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Strangely though, the adjustable safety razors aren’t that different from one model to another.  More often than not, the changes are subtle and usually between the design and technology put in to them.  In fact, the real differences come in the form of;

  1. The Balance
  2. The Feel
  3. The Look
  4. The Comfort

These might be subtle differences but they can be all very important because they can change completely change the shaving experience.  It might be strange but it’s true, most razors have tiny differences but those differences make up a world of change.

The Best Made Adjustable Safety Razor

Most of the better known razors, safety razors, have been made in Europe – mostly Germany.  Some of the biggest razors come from Germany including the Merkur safety razors.

The Merkur razors are the best known safety razors that can offer a fantastic shave and the Merkur 34 C is a classic model.  This model is a good choice because it is strong that can offer a fantastic close irritation free shave.  However, the 23 C is also another good model just like the 34 C, however, the 23 is going to be longer in size as well as light to carry and narrow.

The Merkur razors are in fact one of many different choices to choose from, however, the Merkurs can actually be a fantastic choice to look at.  They can be perfect for beginners because they are light and offer a fantastic end result.

Getting The Very Best

There are many factors that come into thought when it comes to getting the very best adjustable safety razors including;optimized-merkur_futur

  • Cost Effective
  • Efficiency
  • Skin Type
  • Lifetime Quality
  • Finally – Preference!

These are the simple factors to choosing the very best razors because whoever is using this, they must feel comfortable in what they are using.  They must be able to trust what they’re using.

It should be what each individual wants and feels most comfortable with.  It doesn’t need to be difficult to find the best adjustable safety razor, and if one doesn’t look like the right choice, avoid it.  You or anyone who wants to buy a new razor should check around and see what’s out there for them to choose and maybe even looking for a proper vintage razor from the 70’s and not a reproduction safety razor.

Of course it is difficult to find some real vintage razors but those really are the ones anyone can put their trust into.  The quality is completely different but they really help to offer the very best shave without irritating the skin or causing cuts and rashes to develop after use.